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Q: Hey man, I can't believe I found a way to talk to you because last year on December 2nd my best friend(a snare drummer with hopes of marching drum corps, BD specifically) was murder by his father. And I just felt like I should tell you how much you inspired him to be a better musician, and he is a person who always pushed me to be a better musician, so I guess I have you to indirectly thank, so thank you for inspiring my best friend, and ultimately helping me become a better musician!

This is extremely touching. I am sorry for your loss. I only hope that I made a positive impact on his life an yours.

asked by funkycaptainshackleford
Q: What size sweater do you wear?


asked by Anonymous
Q: I completely understand. I would never be able to 100 percent trust a person on anon myself. So does this mean we are friends?

I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so not yet. I don’t even know your name.

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Q: Why not a date? Well I will still be glad if we could have lunch sometime at the least.

I’ve had bad experiences with complete strangers.

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Q: No, I'm not in the marching band and no, we haven't met in person before. I only did marching band in high school.

I see. I cant promise you a date, but I am interested in meeting new ppl in the area.

asked by Anonymous
Q: Yes. I assumed you would know what I meant by state since your bio says San Diego. I'm sorry for my vagueness.

Are you in the marching band and have we met before?

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Q: Oh my. Is 20 years too young for you? I'm really not very young. This is my third year at state.

I have no idea who this could be. State as in SDSU?

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