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Q: Do you think, at any corp, the audition process is based of asthetics at all?

Technique and approach? Yes. Height and body type? Unlikely.

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Q: Let me rephrase Why does it matter that Henry is in the center for asthetics? And you say Brandon is tapping off? Doesn't that seem weird to you?

I don’t make the rules…Scott does. The snareline has always been partly determine by height. That’s why I was on the end for three years. And that’s why you usually see a tall side and a short side. Does it seem weird that Brandon is section leader and Henry is in the center?? I guess, but being weird is another word for normal at BD. A lot of things they try seem weird. Like making the section leader of the snareline a guy who never played snare in his life and hiring a quad drummer who never played snare to teach the snareline…it worked though. We’ll just have to see. I think whatever they do will be fine.

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Q: So what's the deal with the center snare and henry gillard situation thingy?

I thought I already answered this.

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Q: Did you like mystique's concept at all?

I don’t really know that much about their show.

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Q: Did you find any aspects of drum corps/Indoor Percussion ensembles unnecessary or anything you didn't personally like?

It’s part of the lifestyle, but I’d say the peer pressure to do drugs and drink. I’m not saying I look down on those that choose to do it, but if someone doesn’t…ppl should leave it at that.

I don’t care for gimmicks and I don’t like it when ensembles tell the audience to get up and cheer for them.

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come on with your questions annonsimage

Q: Are you left handed?

Yes I am.

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Random thought

I don’t really have any serious regrets from the season, but I kinda wish I introduced myself to more people in the activity…especially people living in SoCal. Nonetheless, I still made a ton of new friends now that I’m in SoCal.

Q: What advice can you give someone who is on the fence about continuing their drumline/corps/indoor career?

it depends on what you’re on the fence about.

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